red bull racing

If Everything Is Under Control


“If everything is under control, you’re not going fast enough” – Mario Andretti

One of my favourite quotes, that I think about all the time. I live it. I feel it in my dreams…last night I dreamt about 2 years in the future, seeing my family for the first time in 2 years – whoaaaa! Scary, but an indication of where we are in The Everlong Project. An indication, of the quickening.

I first met Sebastien Vettel at the Paddock Club at F1 Montreal, about 6 years ago. He was a practice driver for BMW – Sauber at the time. Of course, today he is the 4-time championship driver for Red Bull Racing. Back then we talked about the importance of managing speed on the track. Sounds simple. Not when you think about all of the factors a driver is managing – car performance, crew, conditions, rubber, fuel, time, competition, weather…It’s complicated. If you don’t believe me, take your car on the track and prepare to take a turn at speed. If that doesn’t freak you out a little, imagine doing the same with your adrenaline pumping and 20 other cars on the track. Imagine doing that in the rain. Imagine doing it faster. Imagine doing that hundreds of times, over an hour, and winning. Imagine doing that, starting from the back.

That’s a startup.

Too slow. Competitors blow past you.
Too fast. You burn out or blow apart.

Either way, game over. Managing your speed is critical and it’s a fine balance. Hire 20 more people, double your office space, launch….or, pull back, re-examine, get the experience ‘right?’. These are the decisions we live or die by.

Every moment counts, in that fine balance between going fast enough and going out of control.  I’ll see Seb in Monaco later this month. Until then, I’ll focus on the track in front of us at Everlong — MS