Oh…It’s On.

entering startup


Our second month at Everlong has been filled with forecast meetings, governance sessions, planning meetings, and late night calls with Asia.

Yikes.  No it hasn’t!   

The best way to describe our second month is to share a little story.  Throughout 2009, ebook sales were a tiny fraction of 1% of total book sales in the US.  Almost zero everywhere else.  We launched Kobo in December.  Within 90 days ebooks jumped to almost 10% of US book sales.  Every week was filled with acquisitions, product announcements, and new milestones.  What was brewing for over a decade appeared to go from zero to something material.

Seemingly overnight, it was on.  The window had burst open, with a wave of oxygen giving life to a new industry.  Thousands entered the fray.   48 months later there were only a few left standing….what a ride.

Everlong 2014 M2, Health Inflection Point

In the last month we’ve seen Mary Meeker’s report, the Samsung ‘let’s pre-empt Apple’ announcement with some sweet smelling vapour; the Apple ‘here are some tools for you to start using before our iWatch’ announcement,…, ‘i dare you to give us your data’….and upcoming we will have a similar Google announcement.  Even Sony squeaked out a wearable.  Awww, way to go Sony!!! (insert snarky face)  The real signal in all that noise though, was Mary.  A year ago — nary a word in her report about Digital Health.   This year, pages and pages.

Oh…It’s On!

Meanwhile, the Everlong HQ has been getting crowded with Todd Humphrey and Dan Leibu joining.  We are now up to about a dozen working on the project…so we are tripling our total space and moving fast.   Wow, month two has been a period of triple digit growth (CEO speak).    

I thought I would share some of my favourite moments, sentences uttered, questions asked…and give you a glimpse of what’s happening at Everlong.


“Hi Mr. Serbinis, this is security.  We have a Mr. ABCD here to see you.” Apparently when you blog your new location, people like to drop in with offers of offshore development resources, critical opinions, and even some with undying love and gratitude.  Thanks everyone!  However, the “stealth” in “stealth mode” is all about quietly scheming, and hiding from random visits.  if you want to reach out,…pls email us at info@everlong.io Thanks!

“GO or Node.js?….Titan or Neo4J?”

Month two is major infrastructure setup month.  If this means nothing to you, skip to the next one.  Otherwise, you get a sense what’s important to us.  Graph DB’s are where it’s at Baby.

“I know exactly what you guys are doing”

Really?  You must have a time machine.  Cool!  Let’s go buy some lottery tickets so I can forgo the funding process….I don’t even know exactly what we are doing, yet.

“Health is so hard.  You guys know nothing about Health.”  

True.  But I know 10X more than I did last month.  Guess what?  Turns out you can hire a lot of smart people that know a lot about Health.  If you are one of these people, give me a shout.  I’d love to meet.

“I’m building a health app too!”


“I’m building a cool new wearable device!”

Let me tell you a little story about the hardware business and how I learned about EVT, DVT, PVT, BOM, building the supply chain, shipping lanes, inventories, mdf, co-op, price-protection, ATL, BTL, LCM, and W-T-F.  Beware the sensor that has a 2 year half life…it will be in the next iPhone.  Oh, and few investors like tying up their money in your component buys.  Good luck!

Epics and Stories, Alpha, Beta,….Launch

Sounds like a nod to my love of Fantasy, Rockets and all things Greek.  But no, this is about product.  It’s amazing how fast you can go when you’re on a mission.  Month two was also about product / service design.  If you move fast enough, you get a launch plan too.

“Dude, you’re code gay”

That was from the HBO series “Silicon Valley.”  Nothing to do with Everlong, although I have been described as code gay before.



“Wow…We’re sending you a term sheet”

Seriously?  That’s cool.


So month two has come and gone, and every moment of every day, I have increasing energy and enthusiasm for The Everlong Project.  Things have been incredibly fast, F1 fast.    A few weeks ago I hit the F1 Monaco Grand Prix with some friends, watching qualifying from Hotel de Paris and the race from a yacht in the harbour, a few feet from the track.If you’ve ever been a few feet from the track during an F1 race, feeling the heat on your face, the woosh of passing cars, the sound of the roaring engines in your ears, reverberating into a pounding in your chest…the oooos and dead quiet upon a smash up, and the joyous cheering of fans with the checkered flag…..

That’s what a startup can be like, when it’s on.    

It’s on…at Everlong.

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