An Epic Decade


When you are focused on thinking bigger, being an innovator, a disruptor in a space….you love to see headlines like Epic Decade describing the future of your new industry.  We are up and running at The Everlong Project (TEP), and already, thousands of our friends, investors and potential partners have reached out to us since we put out our inaugural post at the other day.

IOT is going to revolutionize how we manage our health, but the real trick is not in all of the various data-emitting, wearable devices.  As someone who once saw 100’s of eReaders at CES (what we affectionately called the eReader ghetto) and then saw that turn to dozens, then 3-4 and eventually…you know the drill.  It’s not about the hardware, ultimately. It’s not even in the data.  The data on its own will be almost useless.  It’s in the services that use that data, and engage consumers, and keep them coming back.  If there are any people out there who actually, regularly, use their FitBit dashboard, and find it indispensable….please let me know…

The latest insights from Startup Health start out with a slide titled “The Conditions are set for an Epic Decade in Health.”  An Epic Decade. US CTO, Todd Park is quoted up front –“There has literally never been a better time in history to be an innovator or entrepreneur in the healthcare space.”  We couldn’t agree more.  With the advances in Cloud Services, Big Data, Mobile and Wearable tech, we can solve some very big, very important problems that need solving.  That’s our plan at Everlong.

I believe it is going to be an Epic Decade, and I’m excited to become part of it.  If you’re into working with us, message me @everlongproject


Check out this presentation by Unity Stoakes of Startup Health.


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